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It is a must-have app for all foreigners who live in Korea or want to live in Korea. We support all aspects about Korea in multiple languages from visa essentials to finding jobs and living in Korea.

  1. Information provision service through Artificial Intelligence
  2. Provision of immigration visa, labor, and legal information
  3. Providing information about korea such as travel, transportation, culture, etc
  4. Providing job information and applications
  5. Immigration Office Information
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We are building Korean information Service using Artificial Intelligence.

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Find the right immigration office that is most relavant to your case and situation.

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Solve visa problems and employment at once.

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You can check the announcement for recruiting foreign employees. Increase your chance of passing.

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It provides real information, not fake job search information to attract foreigners.

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With Vizabridge, the person in charge checks the company's information directly.


Find a part-time job.

If you are an international student, working holiday, or married foreigner, make money part-time

Find a full-time job.

Are you preparing to get a job after graduation? Are you preparing to find a job in Korea?


Vizabridge is an information service for foreigners who live in Korea and want to live in Korea. As a foreigner living in Korea, we use technology to solve problems for people who have various difficulties ranging from simple Korean information to culture, travel, and law.

Vizabridge provides infomration based on Korean legal information (Visa, labor, law). In addition, we are building and developing vast amounts of Korean information necessary for foreigners in travel, Korean culture, and transportation.

Each immigration office belongs to the jurisdiction of the area where the residence is reported. If you go to another immigration office, you may not be able to receive the service.

Currently, most services such as chat and timeline of Vizabridge are free of charge. However, professional counseling and some services may have costs.

If you ask through Vizabridge, the person in charge will contact you separately.

If you leave the necessary functions and opinions through Vizabridge inquiry, the person in charge will check it and actively reflect it in the service.

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