Can I get a D10 visa back again after resigning?

Hello. I joined the company with a D10 visa in August this year and was approved with an E7 visa in September.
However, due to circumstances, I am planning to leave the company after November 1st next week.
I am sending you a message because I have never seen a case of changing from an E7 visa to a D10 visa.



It's a rare case, as you said.

1. Once you have previously stayed in Korea as a D-10 (search) qualification, there is a limit to the change. (This is to prevent reckless qualification changes.)

2. If it does not fall under item 1, the employer of the company currently employed in the E-7 qualification

If you agree, you may be able to change your qualifications (E-7--->D-10).

3. In addition to numbers 1 and 2, it would be nice to consider changing to another visa considering your situation.

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Han Sung-rae, CEO of Kenotarius Foreign Language Translation Administration & Certified Administration Office

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Han Sung-rae, visa expert

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