How can I extend H2 visa?

My visiting employment (H-2) stay is expiring, so how can I extend it?


There are two ways to get an extension permit because your H-2 visa has expired.

1. Application for extension of employment purpose
You can stay for another year and 10 months after receiving an application for permission to extend employment activities for those who have expired from the Ministry of Employment and Labor.

2. Purpose other than employment
Those who have expired their H-2 stay in Korea can get permission to extend their stay if they wish to stay for purposes such as "family visit cohabitation", "child rearing", and "study".

In this case, you must submit a document titled "Information and Precautions for Non-employment Purpose, Visiting Employment (H-2) Residence Status Holder."

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Han Sung-rae, CEO of the Kenotarius Administration Office

Han Sung-rae, visa expert

Han Sung-rae, visa expert

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