What should I do to get E-6?

Does it take a long time to apply for an e6 visa and get it issued?

Do I have to apply separately in my country?




Art activities such as music, art, and literature for the purpose of profit, entertainment, performance, theater, and athletic competition. If you want to do box office activities that appear as advertisements, fashion models, etc., you need to get a visa through the following procedure.

1. In order to invite foreigners on an E-6 (art promotion) visa, you must obtain a <employment recommendation> or <performance recommendation> from related ministries or institutions (such as the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism). The list of documents requesting the issuance of a recommendation letter is as follows.

[List of documents to apply for employment recommendation]

- an official letter for the application of the company name

- Resume and certificate of employment of the invited person

- a domestic activity plan

- an employment contract

- an identification letter

- Company introduction letter, business registration certificate, company registration certificate, seal certificate, tax payment performance

- Reasons for employment and expected effects

- employment status of domestic and foreign nationals.

2. After receiving a "employment recommendation letter" from related organizations such as the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, apply for a "visa issuance certificate" at the immigration and foreign office under the jurisdiction of the company's location. The documents to be prepared at this time are <Application for Recognition of Visa Issue>, <Employment Recommendation>, <Copy and Photo of Passport>, and the documents submitted at the time of application for issuance of employment recommendation.

3. After obtaining permission for visa issuance, notify the invited person, and the foreign soccer player who will enter Korea can apply for an E-6 (art performance) visa to the local Embassy of the Republic of Korea or the Consulate General.

4. For documents to be prepared when applying for a visa, you can prepare some documents submitted when applying for a visa, such as a visa issuance application, an original passport and a copy, a photo, a fee, a copy of an employment recommendation, an employment contract, and an identity guarantee.

Han Sung-rae, visa expert

Han Sung-rae, visa expert

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