Can I get a job before register as alien?

I'm an H-2-7 visa holder. Is it possible to get a job (restaurant) before receiving my alien registration card?

A Chinese person is trying to get a job at a store, but I don't know this part.




1. If you have registered as an foreigner within 90 days of entering the country with a H2 (visit employment) visa, it takes about 2 to 3 weeks to produce a registration card to get an alien registration card.

- If the alien registration is processed, you can get an alien registration confirmation in two to three days, and you can check the alien registration number there. You can use this number to get a job even before receiving the alien registration certificate.

2. If you get a job, you must report the commencement of employment to the competent immigration office within 14 days In the meantime, there has been a period of working without reporting employment, and if the employer has tax-accounted for labor costs, it will be revealed when the visa is changed, which may be affected by the imposition of fines.

Han Sung-rae, visa expert

Han Sung-rae, visa expert

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