Foreign professionals (E-7)

If the cosmetics headquarters employs a Japanese as an employee of the overseas marketing team,

- I'm currently staying on an H-1 visa, and I'm trying to switch to an E-7 visa

- Graduated from a university in Japan with a four-year bachelor's degree (foreign language department, Korean language major)

- 9 months of experience in a Korean company and 1 year of experience in a Japanese company

- My Korean is TOPIK level Korean TOPIK

- The annual salary will be more than 80 percent for GNI

- The company also meets the conditions for hiring foreigners

All the conditions are met, but it takes some time, that I have 9 months of experience in Korea.

Can it be more than a year, including overseas experience?

Then, is there a possibility of issuing an E-7 visa?

I would appreciate it if you could let me know in detail if there is a possibility under the current conditions.




1. In order for a corporation to hire a foreigner as an E-7 (specialized visa for specific activities), it is necessary to obtain a standard labor contract, prepare relevant documents, apply for a visa issuance certificate at the company's immigration office, or change the visa status of existing foreign students (H-1, D2, etc.).

2. In order for a Japanese employee of an H-1 visa holder to successfully obtain an E-7 visa, it is important to convincingly fill out the document "Reason for Employment and Expected Effect" that "it is necessary to hire as an overseas advertising and public relations expert or marketing expert in Japan.

3. In order to be granted an E7 (specific activity) visa, there are various conditions related to the company and workers, but basically, the following requirements must be met.

A. Foreign workers must get a job in a field similar to their major, and college graduates require at least one year of experience in a similar field,

B. Minimum annual salary of 36 million won when signing a labor contract

(A salary of 3 million won or more) or more,

C. The company or foreign workers scheduled to be hired should not be punished for violating the law, such as immigration-related laws.​

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