Can I hire a foreign worker with a high school diploma?

I would like to hire a Japanese worker with a high school diploma on an E-7 visa in Korea. He said, "Korean is at the level of daily work. He went to a language school in Korea for six months, and now he goes back to Japan to work part-time at a company that exports cosmetics to Korea.

It is said that it is difficult to apply for a work visa if you do not graduate from college or have 5 years of experience in related industries, what is the most realistic way to apply? I'm not considering a marriage visa.



1. In order for a foreigner to get a job at a company and get a long-term visa, there are various visas depending on the type of labor, but in general, an E7 (specific activity) visa must be granted.

- In order to be granted this visa, there are various conditions regarding the company and its workers, but basically the following requirements must be met.

A. Foreign workers must get a job in a field similar to their university major (academic + career) and master's major,

B. Minimum annual salary of 36 million won when signing a labor contract
The salary must be at least 3 million won per month,

C. In addition, there should be no punishment for violating the law, such as immigration-related laws, for companies or foreign workers.

2. In particular, if you fill out and submit the documents for <Reason for Employment and Expected Effect>, there is a high possibility of issuing an E-7 visa.

3. In conclusion, unfortunately, Japanese with a high school diploma are not subject to E-7 (specific activities) professional visas.

- Another alternative is to work part-time while staying on a D-4 or D-2 visa for <Korean Language Training Visa> or <University Study> D-2.

Han Sung-rae, visa expert

Han Sung-rae, visa expert

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