How do I change my E-7 (specific activity) visa?

We hired an E7 visa holder and reported the commencement of the internship, but we were contacted to fill out a letter of employment.


There is a field where we enter the job code, so should we write the job code the same as the employment insurance subscription code?

We're currently subscribed to information Number 29 and customer counseling, will there be a problem?



1. When a foreign worker with an E-7 (Specific activity) visa changes his/her workplace, he/she shall be divided into <business subject to prior permission> and <business subject to post-reporting> and take measures accordingly.


2. The customer counseling service you mentioned is the job of customer counseling clerk (3991) among quasi-professional personnel (E-7-2), and is subject to prior permission


​3. Therefore, it is necessary to check the company requirements and foreign worker qualifications for this job (E-7-2, 3991) and prepare documents such as "Reason for Employment" and start work with prior permission from the competent immigration office.

Han Sung-rae, visa expert

Han Sung-rae, visa expert

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